Free Material

The Chicago Christadelphians provide courses in Bible fundamentals to anyone interested in learning about the Good News of the Kingdom of God.

We also provide a booklet entitled "A Faith That Makes Sense" upon request. This booklet describes the views held by the Chicago Christadelphians.


A booklet called "John Thomas and His Rediscovery of Bible Truth" is available by clicking here. John Thomas is considered the founder of the  Christadelphian religion.

Please feel free to download a copy of our church-written book on what we believe to be the Bible Hope.


The Bible Hope

A hard copy is available upon request.

The Gospel of Peace

The Gospel of Peace classes form a Bible Study course designed to enable students to discover the truth of the Bible message through their own study within the Word of God. It is designed to be taught in a face to face setting, in a home environment, and in small groups. At the end of the class each student is encouraged to write their own, personal, statement of faith.

Please contact Norm Fadelle if you’re interested in this course!

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one-gospel.orgThis website provides a “semi-interactive” style, where input from the reader influences the flow of material. This is achieved by listing at the end of each article some potential responses you might have to that article; these responses are links to other articles. If you click on the response which most accurately reflects your opinion then the next article to appear should be the one most relevant to your point of view. It is thereby hoped the chances of generating a meaningful “dialogue” are maximized. Alternatively, you can browse the articles using the colored tabs at the top of the website. Each tab represents a philosophical arena populated by a series of articles. When you are finished looking through the One-Gospel website, please contact us with any questions.

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This is Your offers a free Bible study course either online or via the mail. Your own personal instructor is your guide in a course that

  • Follows the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.
  • Sets out the fundamental teachings of the Bible clearly.
  • Gives the Bible’s correct historical setting.
  • Sets out the overall plan and purpose of God with the earth.
  • Explains the teaching and work of Christ.
  • Gives the key to interpreting Bible prophecy.
  • Explains the hope you can share through the Gospel.

This Is Your offers their commitment that

  • This course is absolutely free of charge.
  • We do not sell mailing lists.
  • You may stop at any time.
  • You are in control.

Christadelphian Youtube Videos

The Chicago Ecclesia posts our exhortations on Youtube. The videos can be found through this channel: